Beer Pong Drinking Game

Equipment Needed: Plastic Cups, Ping Pong Balls, Table

Ah, the good old beer pong. There are many different rules, but here are the basics:

You are going to need a table that has some length to it. Set up two formations of 10 cups on each end of the table. The cups should form a triangle, similar to how bowling pins are set up. Fill each cup with beer, about 1/3 of the way up.

Create teams of one or two players, or just two big teams if you want. Each team stands on each side of the table. The goal is to toss a ball into one of the cups on the other side. You can toss it directly, or bounce it on the table. In the latter scenario, the other team is allowed to swat the ball away from the cups.

If a ball lands in a cup, a member of the opposing team has to drink and remove it. Each team has three attempts each turn. Keep a cup of clean water nearby to wash the ball between tosses, or have water in all the cups and just take a sip of your own drink when a ball goes into a cup.

The team that first clears the other side is the winning team!

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