Friends & Enemies Drinking Game

Equipment needed: A deck of cards

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Drinking Game Equipment: Waterproof playing cards

Waterproof Playing Cards

These playing cards are completely waterproof. They can handle any mess that is sure to arise when playing Friends and Enemies drinking game. Ok, so they are not suited for close up magic tricks. But hey, are you really going to nail those when you are drunk? This is the perfect deck of cards for playing drinking games!

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Deal a deck of cards evenly to everyone. Each player hides their own cards.

The player who starts places a card in the middle of the table, while saying the name of someone in the group.

That person has to drink for as many seconds as the value of the card. The number five gives five seconds of drinking. The suit of the card does not matter.

If someone else in the group has a card with the same number, they can save the chosen person by playing their card and passing the drinking along to someone else of their choosing.

When this happens, the numbers stack up. So two fives give ten seconds of drinking.

All picture cards count as tens, and you can’t save yourself with one of your own cards.

You don’t have to save someone just because you can, so choose wisely!

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