King’s Cup Drinking Game

Equipment needed: Playing cards, a pint glass or a jug

You have probably heard of this drinking game before. It also goes by the name of «Kings» and «Ring of Fire», and is the father of all drinking games.

Spread a deck of playing cards out on the table in a circle, with a big glass or jug in the middle. The cards should be face down. Take turns picking up a card. Each card number corresponds to a different action or task. Suits do not matter.

There are different rules in different parts of the world, so be sure to agree on them first. We have decided to use these rules for the King’s Cup card came:

Ace – ‘Waterfall’ – Everyone starts to drink at once, and the player that picked the card may stop at any time. The other players cannot stop drinking until the person before them stops.

Two – ‘You’ – Nominate a person to take a sip of their drink.

Three – ‘Me’ – Take a sip of your own drink.

Four – ‘Boys’ – All men in the circle drink.

Five – ‘Thumb Master’ – When you put your thumb on the table everyone must follow. The last person to put their thumb down, drinks. You remain the Thumb Master until someone else picks up a five.

Six – ‘Chicks’ – All of the women in the circle drink.

Seven – ‘Heaven’ – The same as Thumb Master, except you put your arm up above your head. The last person drinks.

Eight – ‘Mate’ – Pick someone who has to drink whenever you have to drink. The rule applies until someone else picks up an eight.

Nine – ‘Rhyme’ – Choose a word. The person to your left has to think of a word that rhymes with it. It then continues around the circle with everyone taking a turn. Whoever hesitates first or repeats a word that’s already been mentioned has to drink.

Ten – ‘Categories’ – Pick a category (such as makes of cars), and go round the circle taking turns to name something within that category (BMW, for example). The first person to repeat or hesitate drinks.

Jack – ‘Make a rule’ – Make up a rule of your own. It must be followed, or the penalty is to take a sip. The rule is valid for the rest of the game. The more crazy, the better.

Queen – ‘Question Master’ – If you ask a question and someone answers, they have to drink. The idea is to catch people off guard by asking questions they’d answer without even thinking, like «When should we leave for the club?».

King – ‘Pour/Drink’ – The first three kings to appear will indicate that you have to pour some of your drink into the glass in the middle of the table. The final king means you have to chug it all! The final king can be the destroyer of even the strongest of stomachs, so make sure you’re not too far away from the bathroom.

You could optionally add this rule:

If one refuses to drink on the last king, the penalty is three shots of a predetermined poison. This can save the night if a person has trouble stomaching the King’s mix.

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