Ring of Fire (Circle of Death)

Equipment needed: A deck of cards and a large glass

«Ring of Fire,» also known as «Circle of Death,» is a popular drinking game with a set of unique rules for each card drawn from a circle around a central cup. The game’s excitement comes from the variety of actions assigned to each card:

  • 2 – You: The player picks someone to drink.
  • 3 – Me: The player who drew the card drinks.
  • 4 – Women: Female-identifying players drink.
  • 5 – Thumbmaster: The drawer becomes the Thumbmaster. They can stealthily place their thumb on the table at any time, prompting others to do the same. The last person to place their thumb must drink.
  • 6 – Men: Male-identifying players drink.
  • 7 – Heaven: The drawer points to the sky, and others must follow. The last to point drinks.
  • 8 – Mate: The player chooses a drinking mate who must drink whenever they do.
  • 9 – Rhyme: The player says a word, and others must rhyme with it in turn. The first to fail or repeat drinks.
  • 10 – Categories: The drawer picks a category, and players name items in it. The first to fail drinks.
  • Jack – Rule: The player makes a new rule, like banning certain words.
  • Queen – Question Master: If the Question Master asks you a question and you answer, you drink.
  • King – Pour: The player pours some of their drink into the central cup. The one who draws the final King drinks it.
  • Ace – Waterfall: Starting with the drawer, players drink in sequence. You can’t stop until the person to your left does.

This game is a mix of chance, quick thinking, and fun, leading to a highly entertaining and social experience. Remember to always play responsibly.

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