Speed Facts Drinking Game

Speed Facts is an amazing drinking game to play for two people. The only thing you need is yourself and a partner! A timer could be useful, but is not at all necessary.

The point of the game is to say facts about each other, but you only have a short time period to do so! And we all know how hard it is to remember things when under stress, it surely ain’t easy.

This time-pressure is what makes it such a fun drinking game! If you can’t remember anything to say, or you say a fact that is not true – you have to drink.

This game is also easily adjustable, so you can play it exactly the way you prefer, and you can also play it with a group of people!

Equipment needed to play Speed Facts

Our recommendation

Drinking game equipment: A good friend

A good friend

You will need a good friend to play this drinking game. If you don’t have one handy right now, you could consider buying this inflatable awesomeness.

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Our recommendation

Drinking game equipment: The digital timer

A sexy digital timer

We needed to include this awesome digital timer, even though it’s optional to use it when playing the Speed Facts drinking game. But it looks stunning, doesn’t it?

This is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep the lights on!

How to play Speed Facts Drinking Game

You and your drinking partner take turns saying a fact about the other person. The fact can be anything from “you visited Asia in 2013” to “you have 10 toes”, although the former may be more fulfilling.

It is also possible to add some extra rules, for example that the fact has to be a memory you both share together. This is a nice way for romantic partners to rekindle or strengthen their love for each other, and for good friends to remember everything they’ve ever done together. 

If you either remember something wrong or take too long to come up with something, you have to drink. The standard is that each turn is 3 seconds, and you can fail three times before you take a shot. This can of course be adjusted to your liking! 

So this game is a great way to go down memory lane with a good friend, a partner or even a sibling!

And if you are playing with someone you don’t know very well yet, it is an easy way to figure out whether your assumptions about them are true or not.

In this case you might want to adjust the time and/or when to take a shot. So even when removing the speed-part of the game you can still have a super enjoyable time with whoever you are playing with.

It is a win-win situation really. Unless, of course, you don’t remember correctly something you should have, oops!

Luckily the effect of drinking, and the pace of the game, will make sure no one feels butt-hurt for too long.

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