Three Man Drinking Game

Equipment needed: A pair of dice

Sit around a table or in a circle, with your own drink at hand. Appoint one player to be the «Three Man».

The Three Man rolls every time, with another person around the table also rolling the dice. What happens is decided by the roll.

If you roll doubles, you can pass the die along to another player of your choice. You can split them up, or pass them both to the same person. That person must then roll to find out how many drinks they must take.

If the dice that was passed results in another doubles roll (whether split or not), you must drink the sum of the dice. If none of the combinations below come up, the turn ends and the dice are passed to the next player.

1+1 Doubles

1+2 Three man drinks

1+3 Three man drinks

1+4 Turn ends

1+5 Turn ends

1+6 Player to the left of the roller drinks

2+2 Doubles

2+3 Three man drinks

2+4 Turn ends

2+5 Player to the left of the roller drinks

2+6 Turn ends

3+3 Doubles – Three man drinks twice

3+4 Three man drinks; the player to the left of the roller drinks

3+5 Three man drinks

3+6 Three man drinks

4+4 Doubles

4+5 Turn ends

4+6 Social

5+5 Doubles

5+6 Player to the right of the roller drinks

6+6 Doubles

Once every player in the circle has had a turn, a new Three Man is appointed.

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