True Or False Drinking Game

Equipment needed: Pen, paper, a die

Write down various nouns on different pieces of paper. To play, one person selects a piece and rolls the dice. It is only the playing person that should be able to see the number rolled.

If you roll an even number, you need to tell a true story from your life involving what was written on the piece of paper you selected. If you roll an odd number, you need to make up a story that has not happened to you.

For example: If the piece of paper said «rollerblades» and you rolled a four, you could tell a story about the time you were rollerblading with your friend, and you tripped and broke your leg (if that happened).

If you rolled a three, you could make up a story about you rollerblading with your friend and tripping over a snake on the ground, almost being bitten.

Everyone listens and guesses if the story is true or false. If they’re wrong, they have to drink. If they are right, you have to drink one sip for every person that guessed correctly.

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