Up & Down The River Drinking Game

Equipment needed: Two decks of cards

Appoint one player to be the dealer. The dealer gives four cards to each person, placed face-up in front of them. The dealer then draws a card from the top of the deck, and whoever has the card must take a sip.

Suits do not matter.

If a player has multiples of that card, then they must take as many sips as they have cards. This goes on, but with each new round, the number of sips the player has to take for the card doubles.

After the fourth round, the rules change. The dealer continues to deal out cards, but now the players get to give out sips.

One sip for the first round, two for the second, four for the third round and so on.

It is possible to deal out multiple sips to the same person.

After the forth round, you change the dealer and start again.

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