St. Patrick’s Day 2024: Ultimate Guide to Hosting Virtual Drinking Games Party

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With the clinking beer mugs and earth-shaking cheer of «Sláinte!», St. Patrick’s Day storms into our lives every year, drenching our March in hues of green. Yet, when physical gatherings become a fond reminiscence, how does one keep the spirit up virtually? Worry not my fellow leprechauns, I present to you the ultimate guide to hosting a remarkable St. Patrick’s Day 2024 virtual drinking games party. Let’s dive into the rainbow and find our pot of golden advice at the end, shall we?

A Trip Down Shamrock Lane

A pot of hot coffee in one hand and a history notebook in the other, I embarked on a quick-time travel to good old Ireland, venturing through the foggy streets into a world where the 5th-century boy, St. Patrick, turned into a legendary figure. He used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, tapping into the Celtic reverence for the number three and thus leaving an everlasting imprint on our celebrations. Beer became a quintessential part of the revelry, with laws lifted that prohibited drinking during the period of Lent on this particular day.

Fast forward to today, the pandemic has certainly changed the dynamics of our social life. Street parades have transformed into virtual marches, physical get-togethers into video-call parties, yet the essence remains the same – of togetherness, cheer, and a toast to the great St. Patrick!

Getting the (Beach)ball Rolling

Like hosting any party, throwing a virtual one comes with its own set of challenges – coordinating time zones, ensuring stable internet connections, enabling everyone to actively participate, et cetera. But the mother of them all is as timeless as the day itself – ensuring ample and ahead-of-time planning!

My first piece of advice here: don’t underestimate the power of technology. We live in an era where one-click can take us anywhere globally, an advantage we must exploit. With the right mix of planning and tech, you can throw a become-the-talk-of-the-town virtual St. Patrick’s Day party. Battle half-won already? I’d say so!

Sip With Care

Before jumping onto the bandwagon of bewitching booziness, safety comes calling. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be your finger-waving, buzz-kill aunt, but drinking responsibly is a toll we must all pay on our merry raucous. Always keep a watchful eye on your friends’ consumption levels and make them privy to potential risks – these could be as simple as a sudden computer crash caused by spillage or as serious as unknowing negligent behavior.

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How about using this as a fun opportunity to create and agree upon some goofy safety rules? ‘Never leave your drink unattended, or a virtual leprechaun may sneak in a sip’!

Platform Woes: Beat’em with a Choice

Moving forward, the battlefield of virtual platforms awaits us. There are several platforms available at your disposal – whether that’s the ever-popular Zoom, Google Meet with its easy accessibility, Skype, the old dependable, or Houseparty, the new kid on the block. Choosing the right one depends on a number of things – security, number of participants, their tech-savviness, and the kind of features you require.

Once chosen, ensure everyone is well versed with the platform’s basics – how to mute, enable video, share screens, and so on. Clear instructions sent ahead of the party can save much time and prevent those awkward occasional ‘oops’.»

The ‘Green’ Light Guide to an Epic Virtual Party

So, you’ve wrestled management challenges and tackled the tech-beast. Next, on the pathway to a shamrockin’ celebration is choosing the right drinking games for your virtual St. Patrick’s party. Jot down a list of games well suited for your group and give detailed instructions on how to play. Of course, the added prep of sending across an equipment list would earn you the title of ‘Host of the Year’.

Remember, not all games have to drown in complexity; sometimes, simplicity can stir a roaring storm of fun. The goal is to engage all participants and ensure every leprechaun on the video call has a ‘Green-tastic’ time!

Setting the Mood for a Jolly Jamboree

A vibrant decoration, themed background images or a catchy playlist can set the mood just right. You can suggest a dress code, maybe everyone wears something green, or masks reminiscent of Ireland, or any fun idea that gets everyone excited.

Delve deep into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, discuss the legend of the shamrock, or the symbolism of the color green. By incorporating these elements, you easily evoke a sense of belonging that bridges the gap created by screens. As an end note, remember it’s not about partying hard but partying smart; start your preparation beforehand and you’ll be on your way to hosting an unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day virtual drinking games party!

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