The 6 Best Drinking Games For Two Without Cards

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You don’t need more than two people to have a great party. At least not if you are two great people!

You also don’t need playing cards to be able to enjoy a good drinking game. In this article we bring you 6 fun drinking games for two without cards.

Get ready to #turnup your party for two!

A list of 6 great drinking games for two without cards

#1 – Never Have I Ever

This drinking game only requires two people and some imagination. You are probably already in the know on how to play this drinking game. What you have probably not tried, though, is playing it with only two people.

This game can really break the ice and help you to get to know your «opponent» at a deeper level.

To play Never Have I Ever, all you have to do is share something you have never done before. It could be both good or bad.

Your friend has to take a sip of their drink if they have done the thing you said.

For example, you could say “Never have I ever fallen asleep at the club”. If your fried has, they need to drink.

#2 – Flip Cup

Flip Cup is another great game that can be played by only two people. Granted, you will need some equipment other than playing cards.

This is also usually played by a group of friends, but there is no shame in going head to head.

You need two plastic cups that you fill with an alcoholic beverage of choice. It could be smart to not make it too strong.

Place yourself and your friend on the opposite side of a table. Start the game by drinking everything in your cups as fast as possible.

When finished, place the cup upside down on the edge of the table, with a little bit of overhang.

Now attempt to flip the cup right way up by flicking it.

If you fail, place the cup back and try again. You must keep going until one of you stand victorious!

#3 – I’m Going To The Bar

This is another great drinking game without playing cards that two people can have a lot of fun with.

This is an alcohol based variation of «I’m Going on a Picnic».

In I’m Going To The Bar, one of you starts by saying “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a [insert drink]”.

You can be creative and expand the category, but we feel the night always gets a great start if you focus on stuff you can find in a bar.

Now the other player must repeat the sentence with the same drink as the first player, and then add one drink.

After a couple of rounds, the sentence could be “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a whiskey, a Tequila shot, a gin and tonic, and an Irish Coffee”.

The person that messes up takes a shot, or a sip of their drink if you want to be careful.

Now you can start over in a new category.

#4 – Staring Contest

This is a great way to see who in your party for two has the strongest mind (or just the best tear canals).

Warning: There will be jello shots!

Sit on opposite sides of a table that you have covered in jello shots.

Now put your heads down on the table. On the count of three, look up and stare at each other.

The one that blinks or looks away first has to take a shot.

The game is over when the shots are gone, so a smart move could be not to make them too strong.

#5 – Drunk Jenga

This is another great classic that requires some equipment. Still, it’s a great drinking game for two. And you don’t need playing cards!

Find your trusted old Jenga blocks, some pieces of paper, a little bit of tape and a pen.

Both of you should get your creative juices flowing, because it’s time to get cracking.

Write rules for the game on the pieces of paper, and tape them to the Jenga blocks. You don’t need to fill them all since you are only two players.

Rules for Drunk Jenga could be «take a shot», «do 10 push-ups» or «the other player chooses your block the next round».

When you pull out a block with a rule, you need to abide by it.

An optional rule could be that the person that collapses the tower has to chug their whole drink.

#6 – Speed Facts

The last drinking game for two without cards on our list is Speed Facts.

This could prove to be more fun than Never Have I Ever if you know each other well.

The aim of the game is to prove that you are, indeed, a great friend. You need to show each other how much you know about the other person.

To play, you take turns noting facts about your friend. The facts should be true.

If you get three statements wrong, you need to drink.

This game is sure to expose what you really know about each other, and it might make your friendship even stronger!

Will you play any of these drinking games for two?

It doesn’t matter if you are going out clubbing after the drinking games, or if you’ll just hang and play video games. Choose one of the games from our list, and we guarantee that you’ll get tipsy.

Drinking games need not be an activity that you do with a large group. Two people can absolutely have fun with these drinking games. And the best is that all of them can be played without cards.

If you want more drinking games, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive list.

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