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DrinkUp’s Top 5 TV Show Drinking Games

TV drinking games only mean one thing… a good excuse for day drinking! With TV drinking games, you’re able to take the fun from the bar to the couch. Let’s face it, TV is fun, and drinking is fun, so why on earth would somebody not combine the two? 

We know that some of you might have already played the ‘Family Guy’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ TV show drinking games in the past, but now with the hype around Netflix, the Corona Virus, and an abundance of TV series all waiting for you online, why not try out some new ones? 

Below you’ll find some of your favorite TV shows, and maybe even some new ones to add to your list. Combine this with the variety of games you’re able to play, and you get the opportunity to never not be wasted again! 

Now comes the time to pour a drink, sit back on the couch, and try the next 5 TV drinking games below that you may either love, come to regret, or both. 
Coming up, the best tv show drinking games!

#1 The Walking Dead TV Drinking Game Instructions

The Series

The Walking Dead is a series about people struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypse. If you’re not careful while playing this TV show drinking game, you’ll probably wake up tomorrow looking exactly like one of the zombies.

Take 1 sip of your drink when:

  • Carl does something annoying
  • One of your favorite characters is killed
  • BUT spit one sip back into your drink if your favorite character comes back as a zombie
  • Then re-drink one sip if they are then killed again
  • Pour one sip out for Shane and his homies 
  • Take 1 sip when Rick holds his gun all gangster-ly
  • Take one regretful sip every time they give a previously unlikeable character a sympathetic backstory

#2 How I Met Your Mother TV Show Drinking Game Instructions

The Series

One of the best TV show drinking games out there, How I Met Your Mother follows the adventures of the architect Ted Mosby. Through the series, he narrates the story of how he met the mother of his children. The hilarious yet somewhat emotional story continuously goes into flashbacks and starts in the year 2005 with Ted living in New York City.

Take 1 sip of your drink when:

  • A character says ‘’awesome’’, ‘’literally’’, or, ‘’haaave you met’’
  • Somebody high fives 
  • A character calls the other their best friend 
  • There’s a ‘’flashback’’ in the story 
  • Anybody is corrected by Ted
  • Lilly & Marshall act like a couple 
  • Barney says: ‘’suit up’’, ‘’wait for it’’, ‘’legendary’’, or ‘’true story’’

Take 2 sips when:

  • The cab driver is called by his name 
  • The yellow umbrella is seen
  • Barney makes fun of Robin for being Canadian
  • Barney uses a pun involving the word ‘bro’ 
  • Ted’s kids are on the screen

Take 1 shot when:

  • Barney performs magic
  • Barney mentions his blog
  • Robin sparkles is mentioned 
  • Barney gives history lessons 
  • Someone sings ‘’bang, bang, bangitty bang’’

Dangerous bonus option:

Drink one sip every single time somebody says ‘’Ted!’’ FYI, this happens A LOT.

#3 Family Guy TV Drinking Game Instructions

The Series

Ah, Family Guy. Everyone knows it, but what an absolutely absurd TV show, right? You have the evil gay baby, a talking dog, over the top violence, topical references, cutaway scenes that always crap on American culture and on the Fox network, Meg…poor Meg, and so many other mind-boggling characters and scenes. Combine all of this together and you’re presented with 2020 comedy heaven. Seriously, who wouldn’t turn Family Guy into a TV show drinking game?

Take a sip of your drink when:

  • Peter gets hurt
  • You see the word quahog 
  • Any gay reference 
  • Peter’s trademark laugh 
  • Peter and the chicken have a fight 
  • Someone falls down 
  • Any cartoon reference 
  • A flashback sequence 
  • Anytime Brian drinks 
  • Peter does something dumb
  • Peter says ‘’holy crap’’

All of this stuff happens enough throughout each episode that there was no need to add in a two sip or three sip option. Trust us, this Family Guy TV drinking game is going to get you wasted!

#4 Game of Thrones TV Drinking Game Instructions

The Series

Wind back the clocks to medieval times and get lost in the world of Game of Thrones. The show is based on a series of fantasy books in medieval times, but with a whole bunch of crazy twists. I have no idea how someone can briefly explain Game of Thrones, but I’m going to try. 

So, basically, there are a bunch of Kingdoms throughout the land, but only one ultimate throne. Whoever sits on the throne rules everything and everyone. In each of the Kingdoms, there are rulers who are rich and influential families referred to as a ‘House’. Each of these ‘Houses’ wants to be the biggest boss of all and claim the throne, actually, the Iron Throne. There’s also nudity… a lot of nudity.

Take a sip of your drink when:

  • Jon Snow is called a bastard 
  • Somebody whips out a sword
  • Joffrey acts like a scumbag
  • Someone drinks wine 
  • A prostitute enters the scene 
  • Hodor says ‘’Hodor’’
  • Tyrion makes a quip

Take a shot when:

  • Someone gets killed
  • Someone gets injured 
  • Nudity scene
  • Sex scene 
  • Dragons spit fire 
  • Someone claims to be the king, mother of dragons, Khaleesi, Kingslayer, or King of the North.

#5 The Office Drinking Game Instructions

The Series

Hmmm, how do we explain The Office? Well, I guess it can all be summed up with Pam’s last line on the show – ‘’There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?’’ The Office is a great TV show, and an even better TV drinking game. It’s got some hilarious comedy, poignant love stories, and some of TV’s most engrossing downright silly characters. 
The Office drinking game is definitely one of the best tv show drinking games out there. There are so many opportunities to laugh out loud and all in all, it’s a really enjoyable series. With that being said,  let’s dive right into The Office drinking game instructions!

Take one sip when:

  • Jim looks into the camera and smirks 
  • Meredith drinks 
  • Kelly hits on Ryan
  • Dwight talks about his farm 
  • Someone says ‘’assistant to the regional manager’’

Chug your drink when:

  • Michael closes the blinds to his office
  • Oscar sighs 
  • Angela mentions her cats 
  • There’s a conference room meeting 
  • Michael mispronounces a big word 
  • Gabe looks like he’s about to cry

5 Of The Absolute Best Movie Drinking Games

When you add in a drinking game to an already amazing, or amazingly terrible movie you’re watching, you’ll be presented with a hilarious pop culture party in full swing. This is really easy to do and requires minimal effort. Coming up are the very best movie drinking games that have managed to make it onto our list.

#1 Die Hard Movie Drinking Game

The Movie

Die Hard is probably the coolest action movie ever made. Bruce Willis stars as a New York City police officer, visiting his estranged wife and two daughters on Christmas Eve. He attends a holiday party in the headquarters of the Japanese owned business his wife works for, but the festivities soon become interrupted by terrorists that take over the building.

Take one sip when:

  • «McClane» or «Nakatomi» is said
  • Somebody references Christmas
  • McClane talks about being a cop
  • Someone dies

Chug your drink when:

  • McClane says, «Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!»
  • Gruber falls to his death
  • There’s an explosion
  • Someone says, «terrorist»

#2 Anchorman Movie Drinking Game

The Movie

Hotshot, mustachioed anchorman Rob Burgundy (aka Will Ferrell) is quick to welcome a female news anchor into the male-dominated world of 1970’s broadcast news. The new female journalist begins to outshine Rob on the air, and he soon begins to grow bitter and jealous. A vulgar feud that goes on between him and the female reporter eventually makes a slip on live TV, that may end up ruining his career.

Take one sip when:

  • Someone says “Ron,” “Burgundy,” or “Anchorman.”
  • Someone says “Veronica.”
  • Someone says “Baxter.”
  • You see technology from the 70s.
  • Ron or Veronica say their sign off catchphrase
  • Someone gets physically hurt
  • Brick says or does something stupid 
  • Someone says the name of the station or the name of any other station
  • Someone is smoking
  • Ron addresses San Diego

#3 Zombieland Movie Drinking Game

The Movie

The horror-comedy Zombieland focuses on two men who have found a way to survive in a world overrun by zombies. Whilst out on their journey into the unknown (or for Jesse Eisenberg, the fully known), they bump into Wichita and Little rock who have also found unique survival skills within the mayhem that is zombie land. 

Take one sip when:

  • A rule flashes up on the screen. 
  • Somebody uses a place as a character name.
  • Twinkies are talked about. 
  • Tallahassee kills a zombie.
  • A character is named after a location

Take two sips when:

  • Tallahassee does something badass 
  • You hear «nut up or shut up»

Take three sips when:

You hear «Zombieland»

#4 Jurassic Park Movie Drinking Game

The Movie

To briefly sum up, dinosaurs walk the earth, and a tropical island is completely transformed into the craziest safari park. In the attempt of a park employee trying to steal dinosaur embryos, critical security systems are shut down. The whole safari park turns into a race for survival with dinosaurs roaming freely all over the island.

Take one sip when:

  • Anything dies or is bitten
  • Hammond says, «Spared no expense.»
  • Ian Malcolm proves his point about Chaos Theory.
  • Someone or something falls
  • Someone throws a switch
  • The Jurassic Park logo shows up
  • Someone mentions some outdated technology («interactive CD-ROM»). 
  • Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) eats
  • A living thing gets eaten

Take two sips when:

  • Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) talks with a cigarette in his mouth. 
  • Someone says, «Life finds a way.»

#5 The Hangover Movie Drinking Game

The Movie

Mike Tyson and a tiger… that is all. But really, the Hangover movie pretty much revolves around a group of friends who got roofied by another friend, lost their friend that’s getting married, woke up in a hotel room in Vegas the next morning, try to find their lost married friend but can’t remember anything about the previous night. They probably played too many movie drinking games.

Take one sip when:

  • Stu touches his missing tooth or mentions it. 
  • Someone says remember. 
  • You see a Vegas landmark. 
  • Alan copies Phil.

BONUS – Movie AND TV Show Drinking Game: The Mustache! 

The Mustache game is a mixture of both tv show drinking games and movie drinking games, and is HILARIOUS. If you’re sitting around and don’t feel like going out, then this game is perfect to spice up a boring Saturday night! It’s not complicated, and there are a couple of ways to do this. 

What you’re going to need:

  • A TV (obviously) 
  • Scissors 
  • Construction paper 
  • Tape 
  • Alcohol 
  • A movie or TV show of your choice 
  • And, a strong stomach!

How to play:

  • Grab your scissors and cut a mustache out of your construction paper. You can draw more than one type of mustache, just to have a bit of variety. 
  • Tape your one mustache or variety of mustaches on to your TV in random spots. 
  • Pick any movie or TV show. 
  • Assign a drink (beer, wine, or liquor) to each mustache, and write it on each ‘stache.
  • As you watch your movie or TV show, you need to watch for instances where the mustache lines up perfectly on your character’s face. 
  • If your mustache lines up, drink whatever you’ve assigned to that mustache.
  • Repeat until the program has ended. If you’re feeling brave, watch another.

The Game Ends When:

End the game when you can no longer sit up straight, or when you realize just how cool everybody looks with a mustache.

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